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January 11, 2018 2 min read



Hey peeps, Adam from WeldTables.com. I am one of the Design Engineers here at CertiFlat. Basically, my job requires many hats, so over the next few blogs that I do, I’ll show you guys what I’m working on. Should be entertaining to say the least. Before I do that, let me (in a nutshell) fill you in on my background. I have about 27 years in manufacturing, came up on the weld-shop floor and learned many crafts, machines, CNC’s…you get the idea. And, for the past 10 years, I’ve been a Design Engineer.




Enough of that, we got together here at WeldTables.com and brainstormed together, to come up with what we think will be an awesome product and we came up with our very own weld positioner. But not any positioner, a “kit”, so you, the customer can assemble and build at your shop. For me, designing a positioner kit came with a few headaches. How do you spin this thing? How in the world can I make it a “kit”? What style gears do I use? (By the way, I’ve never had to design anything with gears, so that was peachy.)






Ok, so there was the challenge, the how’s, the what’s, the why’s and hurry-up already! I started this by simply asking myself…when I was on the floor welding, what would be something that I would have wanted or could have used and tried to add those things to the positioner. But hey, when you guys see this, feel free to suggest ideas and / or thoughts and I’ll gladly take-a-look. A lot of the welding experience I have, I had weld fixtures and I didn’t do much work with the positioners, but I knew what they did how they work. As you can see in the pictures, it’s adjustable for welding horizontal and vertical, as well as, a handful of angles. We came up with good ole hand drill to drive this bad boy (and yeah, we have a zip-tie holding the drill trigger). My solution for this was still getting cut when I recorded, and yes, we are planning on another option with a foot control, as well.


With all that said, and for the price-point I had to hold, I think this is a great product that can help so many smaller shops and not have to spend $1200 for a positioner.  Well, this being my first blog ever, I’m exhausted (ha-ha)! Oh…hey, I’m thinking my next one will possibly be on our new Haas “Y” axis LIVE tooled lathe. Scary…I’m attempting to machine some NEW bad-ass products for you!! Stay tuned to our website and you will see them shortly!

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