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CertiFlat is our brand of welding tables and accessories. Who are 'we'? We're Tab and Slot LLC, a young & aggressive startup laser cutting company with big ideas. Our owner, Dave Iago; is an award winning mechanical designer with over 20 years experience designing consumer products and tooling in the power sports category. In fact there are over 100 pages of catalog space dedicated to his designs in all of the big books for ATV's. "If you're riding an ATV sold in the US in the last 10 years, there's either parts on it I designed or parts that came out of our fixtures" Dave said.

By utilizing our proprietary tab and slot methodology in virtually everything we do we've been able to accomplish some very impressive things. In the recent past our focus has been tab and slot 3D weld fixtures, we're work holding experts. We've proven our methods and designs in the field for over 10 years now. Our tab and slot fixtures and table have literally produced ten of thousands of complex weldments in ISO 9000 environments. Our patent pending 'heat zone' tabs let us decide where the heat from welding goes and how it's going to affect the base metal.

After surveying the market, we decided that there was plenty of interest in our do it yourself U-Weld kits. We launched our PRO series table in January on eBay and the response has been tremendous. Tons of folks have reached out and asked for more industrial tables and we've been building them. Now we're bringing fabBlock and fabWings to market to serve this need.

'I want everyone to have access to our high tech processes. My tube laser is your tube laser' Dave went on to say. At Tab and Slot we like to think of ourselves as 'The Peoples Laser Cutter', no job is too big or too small, and there's never a set up charge. We can work with napkin sketches, cardboard templates, CAD files, etc. We're here to help! Call or Text us about your next project, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Phone Number:  [651] 800-4877

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