• Made from HRPO A36 Steel.
  • 2” tall ribs & 3/16” thick top and rib structure.
  • Tab and Slot Design for easy assembly.
  • Laser cut 16MM holes for clamps and fixtures.
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*Mini-Blocks include the same material and tolerances as PRO, PLUS…

  • 4” deep rib structure and sides.
  • 3 Dimensional work surfaces on 5 sides.
  • Compatible with fabWings, Vise Mount, and most side mount accessories.
  • Can be bolted together for near unlimited configurations!
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*FabBlocks include the same material and tolerances as PRO & Mini, PLUS…

  • 6” or 8” deep rib structure (length dependent) for strength and flatness.
  • Available in ¼”, 3/8” or ½” material.
  • Increased stiffness – full torsion box design.
  • Available with 16MM or tapped holes.
  • 3/8”-16 or ½”-13 thread available depending on thickness.
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