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December 28, 2017 3 min read

     Hey it's Dave again, owner of Over the past couple of weeks we've been running a Christmas Giveaway Contest here. I've given away 1000's of dollars in welding tables & accessories. We picked a new winner every day for 12 days over here on the website and we also ran a user submission contest over on Instagram. Why would I do this? After all that's thousands of dollars that I could have put in my pocket during this holiday season. Think you know the answer? Well, you're probably partially right anyway...let me explain.


    OK so the obvious answer is sales. Companies run contests to drive more traffic to their websites, stores, gas stations, etc. Ideally that traffic 'converts' and buys something. Exposure is always a good thing and let's face it...the better my company is doing, the more products we can bring to market and at better prices. The more steel we buy the cheaper we get it. More sales means being able to buy more efficient equipment that make parts more accurately. So yeah, there's lots of great businessy reasons to do these things.


    I try and structure my contests to get people involved. I want everyone in America to pick up a welder, saw, whatever and BUILD SOMETHING. I love to see the craftsmanship that our customer base uses to create the amazing projects that pop up all over social media when we do this. It's awesome to see the home shop environments that our products wind up in.  We put the word out and said "HEY, TELL US WHY WE SHOULD GIVE YOU A WELDING TABLE!!!" We got some really cool responses from this call to action. Like this one from Charlie who's trying to get his welding business and YouTube Channel off the ground... 







I GET IT!! Believe it or not, I'm a small garage fabricator too. I'm just putting the finishing touches on a nostalgia funny car in my suburban 3 car garage. Yep it's tight in here and my Social Media/eCommerce Manager keeps telling me that she would like to get her car back in the garage soon since winter is here (she happens to be my fiancee.)

We had a ton of great submissions too...

And two funny ones from our winner...

I love to see all of this! AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is why I run contests the way I do. So yeah we picked an official winner but I love, love, love these videos! So...guess what. If your video made it onto this page then I'm gonna hook you right up! Merry XMas!

Next week we tear into some techie stuff, that's what you've been asking for. In the mean time please keep building and making videos! AND, let us know when you post a new one. You never know when I might be in a giving mood. 

Hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for an amazing new year! I am!


"Go Weld Something!"

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