CertiFlat 'Graveyard Shift' Welder Skull Trucker Cap (Shipping's on Us!)

Introducing the CertiFlat 'Graveyard Shift' Welder Skull Trucker Cap – where the rebel spirit of welding meets the legend of the Richardson 112. This isn't just headgear; it's a tribute to the artistry of TIG welding, a nod to those who know their way around a torch.

Key Features:

  • Edgy Skull Welder Design: Emblazoned with a laser-etched leather patch, showcasing a skull engrossed in welding amidst an American flag backdrop – for those who take pride in their craft and country.
  • Time-Tested Richardson Quality: The 112's classic trucker cap style provides a perfect fit with its iconic look and adjustable backstrap.
  • Built for Comfort: With a breathable mesh back, it's designed to keep you cool under the workshop lights or the sun.
  • Durable Materials: Made to withstand the rigors of the job, just like your trusty TIG welder.

Why It's a Must for Your Collection:

  • Make a Statement: This cap is for those who wield their welding torch like a paintbrush, turning metal into masterpieces.
  • Wear It Proud: Whether you're grinding at the shop or unwinding after hours, this cap says you're part of an elite crew.
  • Perfect for All Occasions: Versatile enough for the workshop or a weekend ride, it's the ultimate accessory for anyone who lives by the spark.

Grab Yours Today: Ready to wear the mark of a true TIG welder? Add the CertiFlat 'Graveyard Shift' Trucker Cap to your arsenal and show the world what you're made of. Available now in our Welders' Wardrobe Wonders collection – don't miss out!

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Unless you are making arrangements to pick up your purchase, all items require shipping.

How much is it to ship?

  • Shipping is currently flat rate and it depends on the weight. All pro tables can ship UPS to your door for a max price $99.99.
  • FabBlocks MUST ship freight, that rate is $99.99 to a commercial address or terminal or $129.99 for a residential delivery with liftgate.
  • Depending on where you live, the largest block we can put on a liftgate is 4’x8’. Some areas are limited to 90” length.

Most certiflat items are very heavy. UPS has a weight limit of 150lbs.

  • Our pro table line, and 24x36/24x48 mini blocks can be split up and ship in multiple boxes via ups.
  • The 36x48 mini block and regular fabblocks need to ship freight due to number of parts and weight.
  • Fabblocks smaller than 60" can be delivered to a residential address with a liftgate, anything larger will either need to go to a shipping terminal for you to pick up, or delivered to a commercial address with a dock/forklift.

Home based businesses and farms do not qualify for commercial status even with a forklift.

  • We will be flagged with a residential delivery and residential delivery must be purchased when adding products to your shoppinng cart.
  • The flat rate shipping offers are to the lower 48 contiguous states.
  • We also ship to alaska, puerto rico, haiwiaii, canada & mexico, contact us for a quote.


  • Call or text us at 651.800.4877
  • Email us at Sales@weldtables.com


-PRO Table Tops

  • Made from HRPO A36 Steel
  • 2” tall rib support structure
  • 3/16” thick top and rib structure
  • Tab and Slot Design for easy assembly
  • Laser cut for tight tolerances
  • 16MM holes for clamps and fixtures
  • No option for expansion


  • Same material and tolerances as PRO Top
  • 4” deep rib structure and sides
  • 3 Dimensional work surfaces on 5 sides
  • Compatible with fabWings, Vise Mount, and most side mount accessories
  • Can be bolted together for near unlimited configurations!
  • Heavier duty than PRO Tops


  • Same material and tolerances as PRO’s and Mini’s
  • 6” or 8” deep rib structure (length dependent) for strength and flatness
  • Available in ¼”, 3/8” or ½” material.
  • Increased stiffness – full torsion box design.
    Available with 16MM or tapped holes. (3/8”-16 or ½”-13 thread available depending on thickness)

Note: The FabBlock and mini-block have sides with our standard hole pattern, and can be expanded by either using our fabwings or by bolting multiple blocks together. The options for sizes and configurations are essentially endless with the Mini-Block and FabBlock style tables!


  • The pro tables use one of the heavy duty leg kits.
  • Mini-Blocks, FabBlocks, and plasma tables use our FabRack.
    • The FabRacks can be purchased with or without casters.


  • We do not offer the pro table in thicker material. Due to the rib structure design, they are limited in size (largest 3x4) and thickness.


  • Threaded holes are very convenient for bolting your fixtures or our accessories to the table. Threaded holes are the quickest way to set things up on the table.
  • When you order threaded holes, the sides of the table will have the threaded pattern as well.
  • Pro tables are not available with threaded holes as there is not enough material. To attach accessories to the pro tables you would want to use parts FBN-2 and FBS-2, the fabnut and fabnut locating spacer washer.


  • We do have a 4-pack of squares available at a discount, parts VFS-2 and VFS-4. All other accessories are a la carte.


  • Fabnuts are threaded and have an o-ring. They insert into the 16MM hole from the underside of the table and are held in place by the o-ring.
  • The fabspacer fits in the 16MM holes on our accessories and allow you to get accurate placement with a 3/8-16 bolt.


  • We do offer in house assembly by our pro welders. The cost depends on the size of table or accessory.
  • For rates contact admin@tabandslot.com


  • It depends on our workload, currently about 4-6 weeks to ship on all tables except ProTops.
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