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August 03, 2018 2 min read


Hey everyone!...Karrie from I am the Office Manager / Executive Assistant here at CertiFlat / I oversee day-to-day tasks that keeps me...and everyone else...on our toes. A little fun fact...I'm also newly married to Dave, owner of Tab and Slot.'re probably wondering why I am doing a blog when I run behind the scenes??? Well, let me tell you...


This is Dave and I. Dave is my amazing man. Dave likes to surprise me. A LOT! As the proud wife that I am, he surprised me a month back, with be best gift ever. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and this little gem showed up to the office one day for me. It's not actually is quite heavy!)


TIE Fighter - Courtesy of Jason Hurst - Works By A Hurst (a customer) 

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Tie Fighter - worksbyahurst


About the TIE Fighter:

The TIE fighter was the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Carried aboard Star Destroyers and battle stations, TIE fighters were single-pilot vehicles designed for fast-paced dogfights with Rebel X-wings and other star-fighters. The iconic TIE fighter led to other models in the TIE family including the dagger-shaped TIE Interceptor and the explosive-laden TIE bomber. The terrifying roar of a TIE's engines would strike fear into the hearts of all enemies of the Empire.


About Jason Hurst - Works By A Hurst:

You need to check out Jason Hurst's Instagram and YouTube! He is a very gifted and talented artist. His collection of Star Wars metal sculptures are just amazing. Not only does he do metal sculptures, he also laser engraves on wood...MULTI-TALENTED!



Look at that detail! Did you watch the Snowspeeder and the Millennium Falcon videos above? INCREDIBLE!  He makes it look so easy to cut apart all those pieces, laser them together and finish with paint. You can tell that he is truly passionate about his craft...I know I am! I hope that I can one-day have the entire Star Wars metal sculptures he creates. Then, my personal Star Wars collection would be complete. For now, I can say I am a proud owner of this bad-ass TIE Fighter that is sitting on my desk! Jason...You are my hero!


Thank you Jason Hurst!


....and thank you hunny!

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